Never miss a flight! Use TrackIt chrome extension!

If you are also an obsessed flight tracker like me, you would never want to miss a detail about an airplane passing by. As is known by many of you, Flightradar24 (a.k.a FR24) has the widest coverage but lacks(intentionally or unintentonally which is open to discussion ;)) info for some flights, especially if you are a visitor without any account plan or having a Basic account.

Not to miss any detail about a flight of interest, I switch a lot between flight tracking sites manually. So to make it faster and easier by just few clicks, I have developed a Chrome extension called TrackIt. This simple extension lets you easily find the flight on FR24 on other tracking sites; Flightaware, Radarbox and ADSBExchange. Only thing to do, is to click on the flight on FR24 and then click to the icons on the extension’s pop-up, which opens the same flight on corresponding site in a new tab.

TrackIt is available in Chrome Web Store, you can install HERE.

There you go, now just go to FR24, click on an airplane icon of a flight and see if it is available on Radarbox, Flightaware, ADSBExchange by clicking on the extension icon.

There must be bugs hiding and improvements to be done, that would be great, if you can file them over the Github repo to get this tool improved for planespotters 🙂

  1. Here is the place for issues.

This is the first extension I have ever developed, hoping to solve the problem of flight trackers, enjoy and do not hesitate to contribute.

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